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  Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I get a Virtual Tour without Floorplans?
A. Yes, of course! We offer a selection of images packages.

Q. Can I get Floorplans without a Virtual Tour?
A. Yes, you can either send us your drawings or blueprints, or we can measure the
    property for you. If a site visit is required there is a minimum order value of $200.

Q. What geographic area do you cover?
A. Please check our coverage area map for more details and other information.

Q. How quickly do you publish Virtual Tours?
A. Virtual Tour images are published in 36-48 hrs of the site visit, although we often     achieve a same-day turnaround. For virtual tours with Floorplans, the completed     plans are automatically added as they become available.

Q. How quickly do you produce Floorplans?
A. Standard 2D and 3D Floorplans take 2-4 days to produce after the site visit. 3D     Rendering and Animation projects take 1-2 weeks depending on complexity.
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Q. Can you publish the virtual tour on Realtor.com?
A. Yes. Provided you give us the MLS ID for your Realtor.com listing, we can     automatically add the virtual tour link for your listing. When visitors view your     listing on Realtor.com they will see a red spinning house. If they click on it, it will     launch your Plans and Tours virtual tour. There is an additional fee of $25 for this     service. Or if you have a "Showcase Account" with Realtor.com the charge is $5.

Q. Can you publish the virtual tour on my personal website?
A. Yes. Ask your webmaster to do a one-time linking of the FREE portfolio page we give     you, as a frame within your website. Thereafter, every tour you have with us, will     automatically appear in your personal website. Alternatively many hosted personal     website companies (e.g. VREO or Property Minder) use IDX feeds to get listings     information, including virtual tour links, from the regional MLS providers. In this way,     your hosted website can get updated automatically with your virtual tour link.

Q. Can you publish the virtual tour on my local MLS service?
A. Yes, in most areas. Many regional MLS providers offer IDX interfaces that allow     virtual tour producers to automatically add virtual tour links to their listings. While     others allow for email-based notification of Virtual Tour links. However, since every     regional MLS provider has their own system, how long it takes to update the link,     varies a great deal. In some cases it may take up to 72 hours for the link to appear     in your listing. A few regional MLS services only permit a broker with password access     to insert link info into their own listing. To avoid delay in getting you tours published     online please check with your local Plans and Tours provider or MLS provider what     applies in your area.

Q. Can you publish the virtual tour on my company website?
A. No, but we give you a link you can add yourself. In addition, most major real     estate agency websites use IDX feeds to get listings information, including virtual     tour links, from the regional MLS providers. In this way, your agency web page and     hosted websites such as those provided by VREO or Property Minder get updated     automatically with your virtual tour link.

Q. Can you publish on Google?
A. Yes. We provide FREE linking on Google Base for 6 consecutive weeks, provided you     purchase a silver virtual tour or better. Once the term expires, you can purchase a     lead generation booster pack to put the listing back on Google Base for another 6     week term.

Q. How much does is cost for a Tour with Floorplans?
A. Prices range from around $250 to $1000 depending on the size of the home and     the options you select - 2D, 3D, Interior, Exterior and so on. For more details see     pricing.

Q. How accurate are the floorplans?
A. While Plans and Tours makes it's best effort to maintain the accuracy of the     representations depicted in our plans, you should understand these plans are     intended for illustration purposes only and come with no warranties at all. You are     advised to read and understand our terms of service, before placing orders.

Q. What are your normal business hours?
A. Our offices are open Mon - Fri 9:00am - 6:00pm PT and Saturday 9:00 - 12:30pm     PT.

Q. What is your Late Cancellation Policy?
A. To avoid late cancellation fees ($30) please inform us during our business hours, at    least 24 hrs before the scheduled site visit, if you need to change the time or     date.For more information please read our what to expect guide.

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