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   Flyer Printing

  100 Units
(8½ x 11)
Book Weight
Cover Stock
1 Sided $65 $80 $95 $30
Only available
within delivery
2 Sided $85 $110 $125
Postcards $85 N/A $55
 Minimum Quantity 100             

Important: First revision is FREE, subsequent revisions are billed at $15 per 15 mins.

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Pricing Examples:

1 Sided: 100 Flyers Book Weight
Layout and Design $65.00
Printing 100 Flyers $80.00
Delivery $30.00
Total: $175.00
2 Sided: 100 Flyers Cover Stock
Layout and Design $85.00
Printing 100 Flyers $125.00
Delivery $30.00
Total: $240.00

Payment Terms:
Due to the fast turnaround involved, all orders must be paid in advance by credit card. If we have your credit card on file, it will be charged to that card.

Delivery Area:
If your office is in our delivery area, we can print and deliver your flyers. The delivery charge is $30. Our delivery service is limited to the San Francisco Bay Area: Mid-Peninsula, South Bay and East Bay. Please check our delivery coverage area before placing print orders. For offices outside our delivery area we can UPS overnight, please call for rates.

Delivery Time:
Once you sign-off the final artwork, we send you a print-ready PDF, so you can start using it right away. Flyers signed off before the 2.00pm cut-off (Mon-Thu), will be delivered to your office by the end of next business day. Flyers signed off after 2:00pm Thurs will be delivered the following Monday.

Turnaround time:
Once we have all the information together, including: the images; your text; your head shot; print instructions; and your payment, we aim to lay out your flyer in 48 hours. However, to meet these goals we rely on you to turn around your feedback promptly in one review cycle. Flyers with floorplans take 2-4 days to complete.

Review cycles:
First revision is FREE, subsequent revisions are billed at $15 per 15 mins. Our service is limited to layout and design only. It does not include copywriting or editorial services.

To avoid additional charges we recommend you review your copy with others in your office, so you get it right the first time. Word-smithing flyers part way through the process is a risky and time-consuming strategy.

Review method:
In general, we will NOT ACCEPT changes given over the phone, or those embedded in conversational emails - this is unreliable and error prone.

Please submit your changes by marking up a print out of the flyer, then please scan and email your feedback to production@plansandtours.com, or fax it to us at: 806.209.2582. If you need to re-write it completely, we recommend you re-submit ALL the text, using the online Flyer Text Submission Form.

Flyer Reprints:
We charge $15 fee to resubmit flyers to the printer. This will be added to the printing cost and charged to the credit card on file.

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Check Delivery Area:
Our printing and delivery service is only available if your office is in our delivery area (delivery charge $30). Before ordering printing please check the coverage for your area.
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Printer Deadline 2:00pm

 Our Business Hours
9:00am - 6:00pm
9:00am - 12:30pm


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