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  Virtual Tour Packages

Virtual Tour Packages
12 Stills
1 Panorama
1 Map
Recommended for properties up to
1500 Sq Ft.
14 Stills
3 Panoramas
1 Map, 1 Aerial
Recommended for properties up to
2000 Sq Ft.
20 Stills
4 Panoramas
1 Map, 2 Aerial
Recommended for properties up to
3500 Sq Ft.
25 Stills
6 Panoramas
1 Map, 3 Aerial
Recommended for properties above
3500 Sq Ft.

Your virtual tour will be fully branded with your photo, profile and contact information as well as agency logo and colors. We also include links to your personal and agency websites.
Package configurations vary by region check price list for details.

Like most virtual tour providers, we offer standard image packages to suit different sized homes. But what really matters is quality not quantity, and that’s where you’ll notice a big difference.

Clear "supersized" images
Our still and panoramic images are up to 75% larger than typical, and they load more quickly, so visitors don’t lose interest - the difference is clear. All our photographers use high-resolution cameras with wide-angle lenses for a wider field of view and precision zooming.

Undistored Panoramas
You'll notice a marked difference in the quality of our panoramic images. They are not jerky, or grainy, or distorted (no bowed walls or bubble effects). Compare with any other provider and the difference is unmistakable. In addition, we support partial panos as well as full 360s.

No Downloads Required
We support three industry standard players to ensure everyone can see our panos, no matter what PC platform they have. Our software auto-selects the most appropriate player, depending on what the PC supports, so each visitor gets the best possible experience, without any guesswork or downloads required.

We support:
Flash v.7 supported by ~98% of computers
Flash v.8 supported by ~94% of computers
Quicktime supported by ~75% of computers

Sleek, polished interface
It's not just the quality of the images that matters, presentation is equally important. We've designed a sleek, modern, full-screen viewer that exploits the latest technologies, to keep visitors riveted to your listings.

Auto-detect Screen Size
Amazingly over 15% of users screens are still set to 800*600 resolution. Most large format virtual tours are too big, and get chopped off on the right side and bottom of the screen! That leaves users with a lot of scrolling to do if they want to see anything. In contrast, we have two viewer formats which are auto-selected based on screen settings - so your tour is always in full view.

Maps and Aerial imagery
To complement our virtual tour photography, we also add maps and satellite imagery as standard on all silver, gold and platinum virtual tours.

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Agent Portfolio
Agency Branding
Automatic Slideshow
High Definition Images
Precision Zooming
Undistorted 360s
Full-screen Viewer
Full Property Details
Animated Headlines
Flyers and Disclosures
Automated Fact Sheet
Automated e-flyer
Video and Audio Intros
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