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  Why Floorplans?

If you've used Virtual Tours before, you know how valuable they can be. Floorplans can double your impact and help you stand out. Buyers love floorplans. Sellers love floorplans. When you understand why, we think you will too.

Why Buyers love Floorplans

Thought-provoking and engaging: Floorplans help buyers evaluate use of the space, consider remodeling options, and fully appreciate the layout, storage space and amenities available.

Natural, intuitive tour navigation: By integrating interactive floorplans with high-resolution images we give buyers a natural and intuitive way to navigate virtual tours, which keeps them engaged.

Valuable source of information: Beyond the size and orientation of rooms, floorplans are packed with information buyers value: such as the usability of the yard, direction of sun and more.

Great notepad and aide-memoire: Buyers find floorplans make a great notepad when viewing a property. While at home, the floorplan is a talking piece for discussing what they've seen.

Why Sellers love Floorplans

Shows their home in best light: Sellers expect realtors to deliver the very best marketing available on their home. When they compare their virtual tour with others, the difference is clear.

Maximizes their home value: By maximizing the interest and ongoing attention level of prospective buyers, floorplans contribute to increased competition and maximized sale value.

Why Realtors love Floorplans

Reach the minds of more buyers: While virtual tours are ideal for creative, right-brain types, Floorplans appeal more to left-brain thinkers. You reach more buyers with both media.

Positioning as an innovative leader: You stand out as a progressive real-estate marketing leader when you market homes with original and effective new tools that others don't have.

Shows sellers you are more prepared: By exploiting the latest web technologies to present interactive floorplans, you demonstrate that you are much better prepared for internet buyers.

Easier lead-to-listing conversion: With such effective marketing tools at your disposal, you'll find it takes less effort and less time to attract new leads and convert them into listings on your books.

Great ice-breaker for open houses: “Hi, would you like a floorplan of the house” is a lot less intimidating, than the one-liners realtors usually use, to try to engage buyers in conversation.

Great for multi-level houses or unusual lots: Unfurnished homes and multi-story buildings rarely show well with ordinary tours. It's also hard to capture the essence of irregular shaped lots. Floorplans help.

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Virtual Tours - Floorplans

See how interactive floorplans give  you a more natural, intuitive way to navigate through virtual tours.


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